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Dustin Lynch Got Hit In the Face With A Full Can of Beer At His Concert

Oct 20, 2014 -- 3:38pm
  •  DUSTIN LYNCH got hit in the face by a can of beer while performing at Mullet Fest on Friday.  He said, quote, "I was walking down the catwalk and just wham, out of nowhere this beer can just nailed me in the face.  It was completely full and it felt like a baseball had hit me."  He did manage to finish the show, and got stitches later.  

    CAREFUL:  There's some rough language in the background, especially from the bouncer at 1:17


Glenn Beck has a new song about Ebola, with some helpful tips on how to stay Ebola-free.

Oct 17, 2014 -- 3:50pm

"Dollar Shave Club" Will Make $60 Million This Year

Oct 03, 2014 -- 4:15pm
  • "Dollar Shave Club" launched about two-and-a-half years ago.  It's the thing where you have razors delivered through the mail for as little as a dollar a month.

    And it's been a HUGE success.  So much so that the guy who started it just revealed they're on pace to clear about $60 MILLION this year, and they now have more than a million active members.

    If it's been a while since you've seen the original video they made, you should check it out again, because it's so weird it's BRILLIANT.  And it's pretty much the entire reason the whole thing took off like it did.

    The big line in it was, "Are the blades any good?  No . . . Our blades are [effing] GREAT."





CARRIE UNDERWOOD will be releasing her first-ever hits project, called "Greatest Hits: Decade #1", on December 9th.

Sep 29, 2014 -- 6:03pm
  • CARRIE UNDERWOOD will be releasing her first-ever hits project, called "Greatest Hits: Decade #1", on December 9th.  It includes a brand new song titled "Something In The Water", which is out today.  She posted a pick of the album's cover on Twitter.





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In case you haven't seen this . . . LUKE BRYAN fell of the stage for the third time this year. It happened Saturday in Noblesville, Indiana.

Sep 03, 2014 -- 4:00pm
  •  In case you haven't seen this . . . LUKE BRYAN fell of the stage for the third time this year.  It happened Saturday in Noblesville, Indiana. Luke fell in Indianapolis at Klipsich Music Center right next to me in the Pit! Luckily he wasn't hurt and was laughing about it the whole time



Kenny Chesney's New Documentary On Steve Spurrier Debuts Tonight

Aug 27, 2014 -- 3:16pm

In addition to writing and recording his new album, The Big Revival, Kenny Chesney's last year off included co-producing a documentary for ESPN on South Carolina head football coach Steve Spurrier called The Believer.

In the past, Kenny has jumped at the chance to produce ESPN documentaries with his friend and frequent video director, Shaun Silva. This time around, however, Kenny tells us he wasn't really sure he wanted to do a piece on the controversial Heisman trophy-winner, but he felt they had a lot of things in common. ["Steve grew up in East Tennessee, in Johnson City where I went to college, and we have very similar backgrounds. That's another reason that I decided to do the film because I was very interested in his story because of that connection between us, and we had very similar upbringings, and I'm glad I did it because it was just a great journey, a great ride to make this film and to learn a lot about somebody that was . . . could be controversial at times. I didn't know if I wanted to make the film because making a film on somebody's life that can be that controversial and such a polarizing, hyped figure, there comes a responsibility with that (laughs), and I didn't know for sure, honestly, if I wanted to take on that responsibility or not but I'm glad I did.")

Kenny flew to the the coach's hometown to privately premiere The Believer on Friday (August 22nd), an event which he said made him very anxious. ["I got asked the other day, 'What's the most nervous you've ever been,' and they were expecting me to say, you know, on stage in front of a stadium full of people, and that makes me nervous, I promise you, but the most nervous I've been in a while is me and Shaun Silva went over to Columbia, South Carolina to play the film for Steve and his family the other night, and that's the most nervous I've ever been cause they hadn't seen it til then. It went okay. It went good, but I was really . . . I mean, imagine having these two guys be responsible for telling your life (laughs), you know, so you hope they like it, but it was fun."] 

The Believer airs tonight (Wednesday, August 27th) on the SEC network 

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