To Our South Listeners:


We know that many who listen to South 107 have questions about why South is moving to 93.5 FM. Since April 1, 2009, RRP, LLC has “leased” the 107.1 FM Frequency. The easiest way to explain our situation is similar to renting a house. In our case, the lease on our “house” that we have lived in for 26 years is being transferred to someone else. The owner of the frequency of 107 received a great financial offer that would be hard for anyone to refuse. So, we’re moving South to our “new house” at 93.5 FM.


South 93.5 will be the same great radio station you’ve enjoyed for so long. Moby, Monica, Kevin, Julie, and Rick will continue to play Today’s Best Country on South 93.5. Don’t forget to lock in South 93.5 as a “preset” on your car radio, and tune your other radios to 93.5 as well.


By the way, you can always stream us online at, hit the listen button, and listen to South anywhere in the world.


Thanks for being the best radio listeners in America!


Howard Toole, Managing Partner





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