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Jake Owen Lets Adorable First Grader Sing, Play Drums in Concert [Watch]

Oct 01, 2014 -- 6:08pm



Jake Owen saw a familiar face in the front row at his recent concert in Tupelo, Miss. and decided she needed to help him sing ‘The One That Got Away.’ The fact that the girl is six didn’t stop him, and her mother certainly didn’t mind. It had been a difficult few months for Ava Schipke.


The first grader and Owen know each other, somewhat — they spoke on the phone when the little girl’s mother, Kristy, tweeted that Ava was disappointed Owen didn’t call her on her fifth birthday. It was a joke, but the ‘Barefoot Blue Jean Night’ singer saw it and called her up! Ava is a Jake superfan and was very much looking forward to Owen’s Sept. 25 show in Tupelo.


Kristy Schipke tells Taste of Country that in the past few months, her daughter has dealt with her parents’ divorce and has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (she now gets four shots a day). She’s remained Jake’s No. 1 fan.


“Nobody else is even close in her world,” Mom says.


The mother-daughter duo scored meet and greet passes, and when they walked in, Owen recognized them! “He looked up and said, ‘Hey Ava!’” Schipke recalls. “She lit up that he remembered her.”


Once the show started, Ava’s eyes were glued to the country star, and it turns out he was paying attention to her, too. Watch as he grabs her hand, leads her on a tour of the instruments and lets her sing ‘The One That Got Away.’


“There’s no way any concert will ever compare to that experience for her,” the proud mother says. “She even took her drumstick to school to show her friends!”


Kardashians Make The Obituaries As Raymond Alan ‘;Big Al’ Brownley’s Obit Goes Viral

Sep 29, 2014 -- 5:59pm


The Kardashians are constantly in the headlines, but they finally made the obituaries. There’s no need to worry. Nothing happened to the beloved reality television family, but one man’s humorous obituary mentioned the Kardashians as something he despised in life. In death, Raymond Alan “Big Al” Brownley can finally be free from the laundry list of things he could live without.

According to MSN, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ran with the anti-Kardashians obituary following the September 21, 2014 death of the 82-year-old Korean War veteran. Raymond Alan “Big Al” Brownley disliked everything from reality shows in general and the Kardashians in particular to cranberry sauce, Tabasco sauce and oatmeal, but life wasn’t all bad.

Brownley had a penchant for homemade chili, cursing, and Gas-X (presumably for the aftereffects of his homemade chili). In fact, the deceased man appreciated a variety of food and beverages, including locally sourced food, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, leftovers, turtle soup, sardines on crackers, stuffed cabbage, and that universal favorite: bacon. Apparently, he could also hold his liquor.

“His fondness of spaghetti Westerns was only surpassed by his love of bacon, beer and butter pecan ice cream… He was also on a first-name basis with the Four Horsemen of liquor: Jack, Jim, Johnnie and Jose.”

Although the Kardashians may have been among Brownley’s pet peeves, there were several people whom he adored. He loved his wife, who passed away in 1990 after more than two decades of marriage; he also loved his children, grandchildren and a beagle named Holly Hill Rip Van Winkle. Brownley enjoyed hunting, gardening and one other outdoor sport in particular, according to the tongue-in-cheek Kardashian-hating obit posted online by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

“He also enjoyed fishing and proudly displayed the stuffed barracuda he caught back in 1965, much to the dismay of his wife, Agnes Bargo Brownley, to whom he was married to for 24 years.”

Brownley may not have enjoyed watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but he did find at least one use for his television. He watched Sunday services every week at Asbury Heights Nursing Home in Mt. Lebanon.

“Big Al” Brownley would have been surprised to learn that the matriarch and (second) patriarch of the Kardashian clan recently filed for divorce. Kris and Bruce Jenner were married in 1991. In 2013, the couple separated. They filed for divorce earlier this month. According to reports, the divorce docs revealed an interesting and previously unknown tidbit about the Jenners. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kris and Bruce Jenner are allegedly facing down the barrel of an audit by the Internal Revenue Service.

Bruce Jenner is presumably exempt from Raymond Alan “Big Al” Brownley’s dislike of the Kardashians.


Florida town cancels 'trashy' Redneck Christmas Parade because drunk revelers create too much mischief

Sep 29, 2014 -- 4:35pm


Organizers were forced to cancel the 18th annual Redneck Christmas Parade in Chumuckla, Fla., after the once-family friendly event turned into a beer-fueled mess. The town's replaced the parade with another hillbilly happening: the Redneck Mud Run.

The beer-guzzling Grinch stole the Redneck Christmas Parade, y'all!

Arguing that the 17-year-old tradition was plagued with reckless, booze-fueled shenanigans, organizers canceled this year's Redneck Christmas Parade in Chumuckla, Fla.

The Panhandle town's athletic association made the announcement on its Facebook page Monday.

The 2014 spectacle would have been the town's 18th redneck processional.

"The parade has gone from a wholesome family event to a trashy beer fest," organizers wrote.

The hillbilly festival started as a charity event to raise funds for needy families during the holidays, the Northwest Florida Daily News reported.

For years, the parade delighted residents with silly redneck stereotypes: Santa Clauses on tractors, garland-adorned pickups and lots of people in cowboy boots and camo funneled through the town's streets.

But the Podunk pleasure turned into a hick hassle.

"We hate to end what started as a family event but it has gotten out of hand over the years with the drinking, the trash people leaves (sic.) all down the road tearing up the fields and vandalizing and disrespecting the property of others," the Chumuckla Athletic Association wrote on Facebook.

Organizers had to pay the local sheriff's office $3,000 per year for security — and even that didn't stop the beer-guzzling hood rats.

While disappointed, many of the rednecks agreed the parade was too much trouble.

"The last few years have been terrible and an embarrassment," one Facebook user commented.

"We had company come into town soley (sic) for this event and their 4 year old daughter was injured because a participant on a float drinking a beer decided he would try to throw canned meat into the crowd as hard as he could," another wrote.

But while it's the end of the dirt road for the Redneck Christmas Parade, there's a new hick spectacle to take its place: the Chumuckla Redneck Mud Run.

The athletic association said the 3- and 6-mile muddy race will support the former parade's charitable mission — and will be every bit as redneck as its predecessor.

Steel Drum Band Turns Traffic Jam Into Party

Sep 23, 2014 -- 6:15pm


(youtube.com and sheethappensprep.com)

Saturday 9/20/14: After nearly an hour stopped on eastbound I-76 just outside of King of Prussia, PA... I met two musicians and convinced them to help pass the time until the accident was cleared ahead.
A party broke out- the best traffic jam I've ever been in.


 Traffic on I-76 in Philadelphia came to a standstill on Saturday afternoon. The Trinidad North Steel Drum Band & Company broke out their instruments and held an impromptu limbo contest. The contest lasted for 15 minutes 

$ 11.3 Billion Expected To Be Spent This Halloween

Sep 23, 2014 -- 4:32pm


 Halloween is anticipated to continue to drive consumers to spend, with nearly three-quarters (74%) of U.S. households planning to spend money on Halloween-related items, according to the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) Halloween Consumer Spending Survey. The total for Halloween-related spending is expected to be approximately $11.3 billion in 2014.
Excluding households that don’t plan to spend anything on Halloween, the average household plans to spend $125 this year on candy, costumes, decorations or other Halloween-related items. Eight out of ten households plan to spend the same or more on Halloween compared to last year, with one out of five households planning to increase spending.
“Halloween has continued to grow in importance over the past several years and consumer demand has driven retailers to place greater emphasis on the holiday,” said Jesse Tron, spokesperson for ICSC. “The fact that consumers are willing to spend more on discretionary purchases is a positive sign for the upcoming holiday shopping season.”
Similar to ICSC’s back-to-school shopping survey, the Halloween survey indicates that sales and promotions will be the biggest factor in the decision to shop at a particular location for Halloween-related items. When asked what influences them the most when choosing a store for Halloween, 64% of consumers said sales or the lowest price, 31% said the ability to physically see, touch or try on the merchandise and 29% said convenience/one-stop shopping/good parking.
The focus on price, along with an interest in one-stop shopping, could account for discount stores claiming the top spot this Halloween: 34% of spending will take place at discount stores; behind discounters, supermarkets are expected to grab 18% of purchases; followed by clothing and costume stores (13%); drug store chains (11%); and wholesale clubs (9%).
Overall, according to the survey, more than 90% of households will select brick-and-mortar retail stores as the preferred venue for Halloween shopping, and online is expected to see a 7% share of purchases.
Researching and planning ahead online before buying in-store continues to be an integral part of the shopping experience this fall, with 41% of households planning to participate in ‘webrooming’ – researching online before purchasing Halloween-related items in physical stores.
In addition to being a significant shopping destination for Halloween-related items, shopping centers and malls continue to evolve into community hubs. Out of the parents planning to take their children trick-or-treating this year, 17% will participate in a Halloween event sponsored by a mall or shopping center in 2014, in addition to more traditional neighborhood trick-or-treating and school events. The top costume for boys this year will be a superhero and the top costume for girls in 2014 will be a princess.
The ICSC Halloween Consumer Spending Survey was conducted online by Opinion Research Corporation on behalf of ICSC between September 4-7, 2014. The survey represents a demographically representative U.S. sample of 1,000 adults 18 years of age and older.A new survey by the International Council of Shopping Centers reveals that 74% of people plan to buy Halloween-related items. Other findings:



Girl's Priceless Reaction To Being A Big Sister

Sep 23, 2014 -- 4:27pm


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