Calhoun Police release distracted driving warning

April 15, 2019---2:10 P.M.


This month is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, the Calhoun Police Department in conjunction with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety is handing out tickets to drivers who violate Georgia’s Hands Free law.

Calhoun’s Officers are participating in a nationwide effort with one goal - to make sure you and your passengers get to your destination safely. “We don’t want them paying attention to what’s going on inside their vehicle whether it’s
kids, radio, cellphone, whatever - any distractions in the vehicle. We don’t want them to be worried about the distractions in the vehicle."

The Georgia Department of Transportation reports the number of distracted driving crashes in the state has risen more than 400 percent in the last decade. “One of the things we want citizens to realize is when you’re driving, you’re not only taking your life in your hand, but lives of other citizens as well,” said Chief Tony Pyle. “It goes along with “don’t drink and drive.” We take distraction very seriously. We want citizens to be aware of what’s going on around them.

So put down those devices and arrive alive.

A strong storm system will bring a round of thunderstorms to portions of north and west central Georgia late tonight into early Friday.
The Rome Fire Department held a press conference Thursday afternoon to announce the arrest of two individuals in an arson case.
Police confiscate a significant amount of Methamphetamine after an officer noticed a car driving on highway 140 at about 1:30 a.m. Saturday with no headlights on.
Hometown Headlines is reporting that a development of regional impact statement was filed Wednesday for a $275 million venture called Busch Commerce Park.
A man is charged with robbery, two men are accused of making threats in separate incidents, and two are arrested for felony shoplifting and man is charged with theft by shoplifting.
State Labor Commissioner Mark Butler said today that Georgia set another record in March for total jobs in the state.
A number of events are planned for April 21-27.
The National Weather Service is tracking a storm system expected to make its way into Georgia late Thursday Night and into early Friday morning
The eighth-annual event will take place at Russell Regional Airport in Rome, GA and is presented by JLC AirShow Management.
According to the arrest warrant, 24-year old Elizabeth Anna Hendrix entered another person's residence on April 4 by using a spare key that she had seen the victim use on a previous occasion.