Officer Involved shooting in Bartow County
October 19, 2018--6:00 a.m.
On Thursday, October 18, 2018, the GBI was requested by the Georgia State Patrol (GSP) to conduct an officer-involved shooting investigation.
Preliminary information indicates that at approximately 11:00 am, GSP troopers initiated a traffic stop on I-75, Exit 293 Southbound.
Noting suspicious activity of the female driver and male passenger, the occupants were placed in separate vehicles.
One of the troopers discovered drugs during a search of the vehicle and approached the GSP vehicle with the male passenger, who has been identified as Kenneth Martin Anderson, 27. As the trooper was attempting a search of Anderson’s person while handcuffed behind his back, Anderson produced a handgun, firing three times, striking the trooper.
Two troopers returned fire, striking Anderson multiple times. EMS personnel arrived at the scene and began lifesaving measures on Anderson, however, he later died at the Cartersville Hospital.
The trooper was shot in his protective ballistic vest and upon evaluation at the hospital, it was determined he suffered from blunt force impact trauma.
The trooper has been released from the hospital. 
The female driver of the vehicle is being held at the Bartow County Jail where charges are expected to be filed by the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office.
The GBI will continue its independent investigation. Once complete, it will be turned over to the Cherokee Judicial Circuit District Attorney for review.  
Previously posted:
Captain Mark Perry has given an official word on what transpired that lead to the shooting: 
"A trooper was patrolling I-75 southbound and he observed a gold Toyota Camry with a West Virginia Temporary license tag impeding the flow of traffic in the left-hand lane initiating a traffic stop. 
Once the trooper approached the vehicle being driven by a white female and a white male passenger, he noticed illegal contraband, a gun, and drugs in plain sight. 
He immediately went back to his car and called for backup.
The Second trooper arrived and both were removed from the vehicle, identified and placed her in the car. They attempted to identify him and he gave a false name and date of birth. 
A fingerprint scanner in the first trooper’s car revealed his identity which showed he was a wanted parole violator and has been on the run for about 8 months. 
At some point, after the second trooper arrived they conducted a search they obtained a gun and a substantial amount of cash and some drugs. 
At that point they go back to the passenger where he is in the back seat of the front patrol car; he takes him out to do a thorough search to see if he had anything on him. A weapon was apparently in the small of his back. 
As he comes out the trooper standing a couple of feet from him he turns and shoots the trooper in the abdomen in the vest. 
At that time the trooper retreats draw his weapon, and returns fire; the second trooper returns fire, the violator falls back into the car where he is shot multiple times. 
The violator was taken to Cartersville medical and he was pronounced dead. 
The Trooper was also sent to Cartersville Medical where he has already been released." 
Previous Story:
Thursday morning started with an officer-involved shooting on I-75 at exit 293 in Bartow County. 
Preliminary reports from Georgia State Patrol are stating that during a traffic stop a trooper and a violator exchanged fire. 
Both parties were transported to a local hospital. 
The GBI has been requested and will be handling the investigation.
Traffic is still slow moving due to the incident. 
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