Looking for the back-to-schools sales tax holiday this summer? Head for the borders
Tuesday, July 10, 2018- 1:43 p.m. 
The run on back-to-school supplies is beginning and for good reason. Georgia residents who are waiting for a few days of relief from state and local sales taxes before buying clothes, computers, and other basics are out of luck.
Georgia skipped the on-again, off-again sales tax holiday in 2017 and a bill introduced by a South Georgia lawmaker to resurrect it during the most recent legislative session didn’t go far (click HB 796).
And while we’re big supporters of “shop local” efforts, we likewise know when its time to hit the road for some household savings. This might be one of those times, especially if you’re making significant purchases (computers, etc.).
Below is a breakout of what’s being done in neighboring Alabama and Tennessee this summer, courtesy of The Sales Tax Institute:
ALABAMA, July 20-22.
  • Clothing – $100 or less per article (excluding accessories and protective or recreational equipment)
  • Single purchases ($750 or less) of computers, computer software and school computer supplies (excluding purchases for commercial use)
  • Noncommercial school supplies – $50 or less per item
  • Noncommercial purchases of books – $30 or less per item
 Note: not all counties and municipalities are participating in the sales tax holiday. Click here to view an updated chart listing participation. Cherokee County is participating as is DeKalb County.
TENNESSEE, July 27-29.
  •  Clothing – $100 or less per item (excludes clothing accessories or equipment)
  •  School and Art supplies -$100 or less per item
  •  Computers – $1,500 or less per item (excludes computer software and any items for use in a trade or business)
  •  Clothing and certain clothing accessories (excluding rentals)
  •  Footwear (excluding rentals)
  •  School supplies
  •  Computers, printers and printer supplies and computer software (excludes items used for commercial purposes)
  •  Certain bed and bath items
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