Kenny Chesney Talks About "Wild Child" & How Women are Depicted in Country Songs

Feb 04, 2015 -- 3:21pm

Kenny Chesney follows up his back-to-back Number One hits, "American Kids" and "Til It's Gone," with "Wild Child," featuring Grace Potter.

Kenny co-wrote the song, which he says paints women in a positive light. [“I’m very proud of this song because I believe there’s a lot of ways to write about women. But to me, I think their spirit — their heart and their spirit is the place to start. You know, a lot of things that have been written about women in the last three years are just about certain things. You know? And look, I love tailgates and cutoff jeans and bikini tops as much as any guy in the world, you know? But I feel like that’s been talked about a lot. It’s kinda, in a way, kinda painted women in a corner. But this song talks about their spirit. This song talks about their heart, and how they live their life, you know, just out of the box.”]

Kenny kicks off his The Big Revival tour with two sold-out shows at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena on March 26th and 27th.


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