Did You Try Holding Your Breath?

Sep 05, 2013 -- 4:04pm

An English man has learned the hard way that getting drunk at a stag party is a bad idea – because more than a year later, he can't get rid of his hiccups.

37-year-old Daniel Clavin says he woke up with the hiccups the morning after going out drinking with his pals. He tells Britain's Daily Star, "I’ve no idea why they started – I’d had more to drink than I had for some time, but it was nothing out of the ordinary." The hiccups come about seven seconds apart, and sometimes they've been so violent he's passed out. And poor Daniel has spent many nights in the guest room so his wife can get some rest.

Daniel is waiting to get an MRI so doctors can determine if he has a serious medical condition. Because, apparently, hiccuping for more than a year straight isn't considered a serious medical condition in Britain.

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