Our Granddaughter Joslynn

Jul 16, 2013 -- 6:07pm

Our Granddaughter Joslynn

Aired on: 16-Jul-13

Dear Moby;
I and my husband listen to you each and every morning. We enjoy your show very much. Though we may not always agree, you and I, I do respect your views.  I think you will enjoy the story I am about to tell you. Hopefully as much as I have enjoyed living it. My husband and I are both 4th marriages. We each had 9 children and both had custody of our children when we married. Hence we have raised 18 children. Then we raised 3 of our grandchildren. All are grown now but 1 and he is nearly 17.  I would very much appreciate it if you would endulge me and this story of 1 very remarkable young lady. 

Our granddaughter Joslynn (Jozlynn) will be 21 on Tuesday.  Joz was born nearly blind and with a very rare form of anemia. Her parents were unable to take care of her so her grandfather and I stepped in.  At 6 we took her to Michigan to have an operation which helped restore some of her vision though she will always be dyslexic.  This child refused to be anything but the greatest.  She strived to learn and questioned everything....... and I do mean everything. She took the why stage to a whole new level. She graduated high school with above average grades and immediately enrolled in CNA classes and graduated from there with excellent grades. She then enrolled in tech school to get her nursing lisencse . She is doing well there as well.

To this point the average person would think.... so what...... al lot of kids do this. They are right. But, here is where things are different...
At the age of 21 she does not owe a single penny on her home.  She bought a mobile home that was very much a fixer upper!  She began to make this her home. She learned how to do wiring, plumbing and sheet rock work. She laid sub floor and carpet. Learned how to cut and lay tile in her kitchen, install a toilet and build a closet. She refused help but would ask her grandpa how to do it then she just did it. She made mistakes along the way but she got it done and now has a beautiful home to show for it. 
Now... most people think... dang..... good going girl. But it gets even better. Her poor car (that she has no payments on) needed some work. So she bought a book.  Again she asked her "pops" some questions and then off she went.  She replaced her own motor mounts, a radiator, and a quarter panel (due to her little fender bender) then tuned it up and off she went.

She is struggling with juggling home work and school but she is determined to get it done. She has never asked for a single cent from us and wont accept money from us. As a matter of fact when my husband became very ill and required heart surgery she not only worked and went to school but she took on the responsibility of her younger brother (who has special needs) and the care of our home until her pops was back home.
Moby, please wish this remarkable child a great 21st birthday.  She always listens to you. We are so very proud of her and all she has accomplished.

Thank you for listening  to me and my story.


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