fightin words! Dads gonna be mad! lol

Jun 26, 2013 -- 9:28am

On Monday night, Miley sent out a tweet to her dad that delivered an ominous-sounding message.


Miley's deleted tweet.
Attached to the tweet was a photo of Miley with an attractive woman who has been identified as stage actress Dylis Croman. Dylis and Billy Ray starred together in a revival of Chicago that ran on Broadway last winter. Other outlets, like Hollywood Life, Huffington Post, and Life & Style, have speculated that Miley tweeted the photo because Dylis and Billy Ray had an affair, but that's only speculation. Nothing has been confirmed by any of the involved parties' camps, which we attempted to contact and did not receive a reply from at posting time.
The photo that Miley tweeted was shot backstage during Chicago's Broadway run, and was actually first tweeted back on November 19 by "Miley Cyrus News."
We're not sure if Billy Ray replied privately or if Miley realized that public humiliation might not be the best route to travel, but less than five minutes later the tweet was deleted and Miley fired off another post.

While Miley may try to blame the threatening tweet on a technical glitch, those who have been following her social media antics know this isn't the first time that she's publicly gone after her father. Nearly two weeks ago, after her mom Tish's plans to divorce Billy Ray were made public, she tweeted, "Since your texts and email obviously aren't working would you like to talk like this?" Once again, Billy Ray didn't reply publicly.
Billy Ray and Tish had planned to divorce once before. Three years ago, he start the proceedings claiming that Miley's fame had made life too difficult for the family, but a year later, he called it off, saying, "Things are the best they've ever been." Now apparently — at least according to Miley's Twitter account — things have changed. 

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