The First Monday After Sandy Hook

Dec 17, 2012 -- 6:10pm

The First Monday After Sandy Hook


In so many ways, this isn't just another day, yet in so many ways, it is.

What do I say this morning? Do I do anything differently than I did each morning last week?

Do we cry together and love this radio family, as we've done for years? Do we laugh and joke, play funny songs, and good country music?

Do we continue to wonder what law could have been in effect, or what action could have been taken to have prevented what we were to shocked to hear last Friday?

As with all tragedies, we'll never forget where we were or how we felt when we first heard the news.

We've all had so many thoughts. So much hurt, sympathy, and anger. Is there anything a morning radio show can do to let these victims know we join them in our sympathy for all these families?

I don't believe anything could help heal the hurt and assuage the anger.

I can and do assure you of the brotherly, genuine, Christian love we feel for all of you that have chosen to listen each morning to what we'll do in this studio.

When the morning show ends today, what should I have done to feel like I've done my job?

As silly as it might seem, I want to have entertained and embraced a radio family that for years, I've felt the return embrace of.

When this day ends, and the sun begins to set, my goal is to embrace family as I always try to do and then prepare for tomorrow. Because tomorrow will always come and the memory of all tragedies will surely fade.

At the end of our days, what will remain is how we treated our families and allowed them to treat us, what kind of friend and neighbor we've been, and the love and kindness we've felt for each other and for those we'll never meet.

I humbly ask God to assure my family how much I love them, and to let those tragic families of Sandy Hook Elementary feel the love, support, and sorrow of those gathered around these radios this Monday morning in the wake of such an unspeakable and senseless act.

We weep for them and hurt for them, but fearfully take little comfort in the thought we've always firmly believed until now.

"It could never happen here."

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