Why do Women name their cars?

Oct 02, 2017 -- 5:29pm

It's a common question for me.  My best friend and future husband named my car back in 2014.  The Black Widow just seemed to fit.  I bought the car after several members of my family passed away and i divorced.  Plus, my car is Black with red interior.   I love to enter my car into car shows, and I've manage to win several trophies. It's OCD full blown for me.  I love my car to be clean and shinny.  My two daughters laugh and tell all their friends, the car is my third child.  Is it unusual to name your car? Not necessarily, a lot of women name their cars.  So no, It's not that unusual.  Some of these celebritiy car names make may you rethink your cars pet name.  Check out the full story below.


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